Terms and Conditions: Free Startup Recruitment Initiative

Must be a registered startup business in Canada. Seeking to fill an intern or entry-level position within the month of June.
Agrees to provide a clear job description and outline expectations for the role.
Willing to be actively involved in final stages of the hiring process (e.g., final interviews, offer negotiations).

Services Included
Candidate sourcing and outreach
Resume screening and filtering
Conducting initial interviews
Presenting a shortlist of qualified candidates

Offer is valid for a limited number of startups on a first-come, first-served basis.
Atomic HR reserves the right to decline applications that don't align with company values or the focus of this initiative.
While Atomic HR will strive to find the best possible candidates, there is no guarantee of a successful hire.

Atomic HR is providing this recruitment service on a pro-bono basis.Startups agree to hold Atomic HR harmless from any liabilities arising from the hiring process or the employment relationship with the hired candidate.

Marketing & Testimonials
By participating in this program, the startup agrees to provide Atomic HR with a brief case study outlining the recruitment process and its success.
This case study may be used for marketing purposes on Atomic HR's website, social media, or other promotional materials.
The startup also consents to providing a review of Atomic HR's services on Clutch.co or a similar review platform.

Logo Usage
The startup grants Atomic HR permission to use the startup's logo in a "Featured Clients" or similar section of Atomic HR's website, solely for the purpose of showcasing successful collaborations.